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Swim to there, or row row row yourself there?

Seafood Lunch

Yummy Yummy!!

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What is sailing

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What is Halyard

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Sea Tours

Our tour will start in Pak Sha Wan 白沙灣 unless special notice.

Date Venue Time Vacancy Per Person
We don't have tour now. You may contact us to arrange one.

Sail Training

Great explore on sail leaning and enjoy the wonderful moment by team working…
You are welcome to join us even you are a newbie, no matter in cruising, practicing, or even racing day.
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Date Assembly Boat Description Quota Vacancy
28th Jul 2024 (Sun)

Pha Sha Wan Bus Stop (Kowloon direction, outside HHYC entrance)

@ 10:00am

Pepper and Salt

(Bavaria 34)


Welcome beginner

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Only one left
25th Aug 2024 (Sun)

Pha Sha Wan Bus Stop (Kowloon direction, outside HHYC entrance)

@ 10:00am

Pepper and Salt

(Bavaria 34)


Welcome beginner

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29th Sep 2024 (Sun)
5th Oct 2024 (Sat)

The Balatonfuredi Yacht Club

@ 09:00am

Lazy Piggy



L30 World Championship

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Cruising - We learn nautical chart reading, plan our route depend on the wind direction and wind speed, then cruise to beautiful beach and enjoy seafood lunch.
Practice - We will be more intensive on trimming the boat, fine tunning the sails, steering the wheel. Our lunch most likely is in fish farm or restaurant.
Racing - Yup, racing, go racing and win the trophy! teamwork on a sailboat is very very important.

Lazy Piggy

A 30 feet of modern performance sailing boat, which is not hard to find out its trace in Sai Kung, no matter Racing or Cruising.

Racing – We are the sailing lovers and engaging in different racing events. Everyone can be a crew as we provide a platform to explore your potentials that offer an opportunity almost in every weekend. With continuous practice (Details please check Sail training schedule), you can learn many sailing skills and experiences, or even build up the tactic understanding with other crews in the result of friendships.

Cruising – We love a nature. No doubt it would be a good choice to take a break from busy city by having a lunch at fish farm, swimming or comfortable to enjoy the sunshine on beach. You can join our irregularly tour or even group by your own and contact us for more details.

Boat L30
Max Onboard 9 persons
Upcoming Sailing 1
Beating upwind
Boat and big wave
Crossing the finish line!
Heavy sea
Every time, a shuttle bike from/to Kowloon is available for one lady :-D
Downwind surf

Pepper and Salt

This Bavaria 34 was built as a cruiser. It is customized for coastal sailing. However, we equipped it with a symmetric spinnaker and Asymmetric spinnaker. Which makes it more competitive for racing purpose. It has an open kitchen, two bedrooms and toilet. With hot water supply, it is ideal for sleep over in winter.

Paul Forest was educated in Simon Fraser University (Canada). He was a lecturer in City University of Hong Kong. He has extensive experiences in using sailing yachts for practical classes, with participants of different backgrounds. He is a member of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. He has won many local sailing contests with the sailing team.

Boat Bavaria 34
Max Onboard 14 persons
Upcoming Sailing 2

Bull Bull Slave

Modern luxury pilothouse speed boat with 300HP engine.

Boat Power Yacht
Max Onboard 9 persons
Upcoming Sailing 0

Silly Bull

Tradditional Power Yacht

Boat Power Yacht
Max Onboard 20 persons
Upcoming Sailing 0

About Us is your best choice to learn and experience sailing, or motoring. Here, we offer both cruising and racing-boats experience and you can select the participation according to your preference.

Training fees is usually as a subsidy charged for maintenance and regular expense. The fee amount may vary according to your level of sailing skills. Training fee will be waived when you achieve a certain level of standard. Sometimes we also waive full-time students and charity organisations.

Sailing is a healthy exercise with long history. When taking part in yacht competition, every participant has his/her specific role to play. Teamwork is therefore very important. As long as each teammember perform their own assigned task seamlessly and make good use of the wind flow, all together, we can sail well.

Of course if we go motoring, it shall be a relax day to have gathering moment. But we usually able to let participant to test helm the boat and do the navigation duties, this is the most different to the other party boats.

All our trainers are skilful sailor, if you have questions about sailing or motoring, just ask and we are always happy to answer you.

This website was made since 2014 by the co-founder of Sextant Marine Limited. He is familiar with marine equipments such as electic motor, diesel generator, marine air-conditioner, etc. If you would like to know more about related informations, please visit or directly contact us.

Welcome to join and experience sailing!

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